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This falls under the "zomfgwtfpwnd" category.

Bible Scholars Predict an 85 Percent Probability of a Nuclear Terrorist Attack on the UN Complex in Manhattan on June 9 or 10

Normally, whenever there's some kind of "doom and gloom" prediction on ‘teh internets,’ I laugh at it. The most recent example is http://www.savelivesinmay.com/. Man was this guy way off.

But this most recent "prediction" is kind of spooky, and I'll highlight the important part. Part of it deals with a nuclear terrorist attack this coming weekend in New York City.

This work is not a New York Times best seller like the Hebrew Letter Skip code of Michael Drosnin and it is not a commercially successful fiction like the Da Vinci code of Dan Brown. But it does reveal accurately how the last true Christian church should be run, which is what might one expect from a true Bible code. It also reveals that Armageddon begins on March 23rd 2008, and ends on August 20th 2008. It reveals that Jesus comes down to earth to sort out the sheep from the goats on 5th/6th May 2008 during Armageddon, at the end of the 1335 days of Daniel 12:12 and that the faithful sheep are raptured to be angels on 6th/7th June 2008.

'The 50' take off for Vega 4 on June 7, 2008. (The later version of my book has 100 people, and only half make it off the planet where the other half are taken prisoner)


This got me to thinking. Much of what I wrote in Book 2 (in final stages of production) follows close in hand with past events (9/11 for example) and what this “Bible code” supposedly predicts. Here’s a breakdown, including dates I used in Book 2 (this is cut-and-pasted from a document I used to keep track of the storyline. Please note, that I wrote all of this around 2000. Some of it may have been updated after 9/11, I can’t remember. And yes, I’ve been sitting on this book for that long. Here it is:

The story behind ITEOTWAWKI: (Note: that jumble of letters stands for, “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It”)

9/3/2020 S (Note: “S” is “Standard time,” since a year on the new planet is 1.5 times longer than on Earth. Therefore, this is in the year 2026…May 24, 2026 to be precise. “21.2” means Chapter 21, section 2…or, even, Act 21, scene 2…however you want to look at it.)

"Didn’t you hear? What’s been going on in the world as of late?"

"I remember hearing that the US government was having trouble last time we were here..."

"Well, things got much worse. The government has all but collapsed."

The colonel’s face dropped.

Francis rubbed the heel of his boot in the dirt. "Well, some terrorists decided to bomb some cities."

It finally clicked in Henry's mind what had happened, and he could see the same look of dread in the colonel's face. "Nuclear bombs?"

Francis nodded glumly. "I should probably tell you the story, to fill you in."

"Please," Henry said.

Francis leaned against the truck and told his story. "Well, it began a few months ago. I don’t readily recall what was so special about the date, but it was some kind of anniversary. Terrorists made threats, the US essentially laughed, typical routine. Up until two days ago. That’s when the terrorists made good their threat and detonated nuclear devices, one in New York City and one in Los Angeles. Once that happened, riots seemed to pop up everywhere. We immediately sent in special forces to occupy suspected terrorist bases ... in foreign countries. Needless to say, the countries they invaded are very pissed off about that."

"That’s grim," Henry glumly stated. "But we've done that before."

"Yeah, well, it gets worse. The other countries in the international community have warned us in regards to our conflict. They’re warning us about these countries’ recent acquisition of improved nuclear weapons ... and, unfortunately, the people in the region are not afraid to use them, as we have already seen. I’m not sure where it will go, but it looks very bad. I mean, the whole concept of ‘brotherly love’ never really caught on in the world, but, for example, Philadelphia, the city of so-called brotherly love, is the city in worst shape with radicals, preaching the end of the world."

(May 28, 2026)
He skittered back down the embankment and followed his detour with caution. He could hear the soldiers talking overhead. One of the military jeeps had its FM radio on.

"...announced today that it will not tolerate the invasion by US forces and threatens an immediate retaliation if these forces are not removed from the alleged terrorist bases within Iran..." (Note: This spot is obviously dead wrong)

(June 3, 2026)
Maria looked at her children. "I didn't want to see my little ones get blown up," she replied. "Haven't you been listening to the news?"

Duke shook his head. "I've only heard some news, by chance."

"Huh. Well, the United States landed special forces at two terrorist compounds within Iran. Iran's government wasn't happy about that and threatened to retaliate against the United States for their invasion of Iran and continuing occupation of forces in Iraq. (Note: I wrote this BEFORE we invaded Iraq in 2003) Russia, Pakistan and China are backing Iran. Pakistan is even supplying them with newer nuclear technology. Now, Iran has had nuclear weapons for several years, but this is advanced missile technology. They can now launch weapons into the United States, if they wanted. And they've threatened to do it, too."


(August 4, 2026)
"Would you believe I managed to get a phone call from him. He’s still got contacts in the Pentagon. A nuclear attack is imminent!"

Lex tried to leap up in surprise and disbelief, but the harness held him in. "What? Why?"

"The U.S. troops… when they invaded that country that was harboring the terrorist headquarters… they’re going to launch. And they’ve got friends who are ready to support them!"

Lex swallows hard. "Friends?"

"Pakistan and China."

(August 5, 2026 – the aftermath)
"Very well." She continued her search of the office. On the second desk, located directly in the center of the small office, was a disorganized pile of newspapers. She grabbed one and read it. It was dated July 15, 2026. Local time, she reminded herself, remembering that on Vega 4, it was technically early September in the year 2020. The headline read "NEW TERRORIST THREAT". Reading the first body of text below, she began to understand what happened. "A statement issued today by the fragment terrorist group states that if the United States does not withdraw its troops from the occupied countries of Iraq and Iran, it will be forced to detonate several more hidden nuclear devices in unnamed cities, both in the United States and other countries friendly with it." The text continued on.

(August 14, 2026)
The group walked down the wide boulevard outside of the base. Henry walked closely to the Chinese dignitary. At a near whisper, he asked, "So, considering how things happened…" He glanced quickly at Tom.

The Chinese man nodded. "Foolish of us. Of all of us. In the heat of the moment, we felt we had to stand by those we though our friends, despite the consequences. The Iranians started it, the US retaliated, then Pakistan sided with Iran, and of course we had close ties with both Iran and Pakistan…"

(August 14, 2026)
The Chinese man spoke up. "I agree. I’m sure there may be tensions between some nationalities, just as habit, but those habits are what brought Earth to its end." He sighed. "I don’t know what rumors you heard, but the Iranians finally got their hands on long-range nuclear weapons and used them. And, in retaliation, the United States gave them a taste of their own medicine. But it got worse. As you know, Mr. Gusman." He eluded to a conversation they had when they first met.

I haven’t looked at this stuff for at least three years, until today. Why the hell did I pick Iran? I also picked Pakistan as one of the antagonistic countries. Strange, considering Pakistan is helping us on the ‘war on terror.’ Perhaps our future attitude and/or actions against Iran will alienate Pakistan. Who knows?

Here are the similarities in Books 1 and 2, highlighted and compared to actual past events, and the outline of events from this “Bible code”. It’s a general timeline based off of the excerpts listed above:

  • June 7, 2008 (Book 1, Ch 9.3): Explorers leave Earth to colonize a different world. In the most recent revision of my book (which was “published”), there are 2 shuttles—one doesn’t make it. In the original version, there is only one shuttle with 50 people on board. Equal to “Bible Code” date of the Rapture.

  • Before March 2026 (Book 2, Ch 21.2): The US invaded Iraq to attack terror bases (I think). Similar to events in 2003. President Bush cited WMD and stopping terrorism as reasons to invade Iraq.

  • March 2026 (Ch 21.2, 22.2, 24.1): The US goes into Iran because of attacks from terror groups within that country. This is (or at least, at the moment) is way off base…except there is always a chance we invade to prevent Iran from developing WMD (one of the ‘reasons’ we went into Iraq).

  • May 22, 2026 (Ch 21.2): Nuclear bombs are detonated in New York City and Los Angeles. Riots spring up everywhere. Event is similar to the nukes that are supposed to blow up around June 9 of this year, according to the “Bible code”, but the date is waaaay different.

  • August 4, 2026 (Ch 28.1, 29.4, etc): The world goes swirling down the drain. Event is similar to “Bible code” event, date is off by 18 years and 16 days (both events happen in August).

  • After August, 2026: The descendents of the colonists (and the colonists themselves) rescue thousands of survivors from Earth.

Like Jesus said in the Bible, only a remnant remained (Matt 24:22, very much paraphrased). Approximately 1 million, according to Book 2 (which is about 1/6000th of the current world population). But, Jesus also said that nobody would know the day or hour (Matt 24:36). So all of this is just an academic exercise (translated: it’s all bullshit). But eerily coincidental.


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